Sep 19 2014


Read, alone or with, a pleasure we should encourage children / Leer, sola o acompañada, un auténtico placer que debemos fomentar en la infancia (ilustración de Rachel Stubb)

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Sep 19 2014



I can’t handle this beauty. 

I but but I but I ugh

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Sep 18 2014


step on a crack, break your mother’s back, Lil’ Jon got the beat that make your booty go clap

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Sep 18 2014
You can’t hide the thunderbolt. When it hits you, everybody can see it. Christ, man, don’t be ashamed of it, some men pray for the thunderbolt. You’re a very lucky fellow.

—Mario Puzo (via observando)

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Sep 18 2014

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Sep 18 2014
Sep 18 2014



over coffee with my mom this morning: “sometimes we hesitate to invite people into our life because we feel like our space isn’t good enough yet. things are a little messy, or our place settings don’t match, or our situation isn’t quite what we want it to be. don’t let that stop you. invite people in anyway.”

your mom is a wise woman

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Sep 17 2014
Sep 17 2014
Women were different, no doubt about it. Men broke so much more quickly. Grief didn’t break women. Instead it wore them down, it hollowed them out very slowly.

—Cornelia Funke, Inkdeath (via observando)

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Sep 17 2014
Hi Res

how to make friends


how to make friends

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